15 Essentials To Pack

1. Passport (check validity) and visas
2. E-travel tickets, boarding passes
3. Itinerary, vouchers and copies of important documents
4. Travel insurance, policy and contact info
5. Photocopies of 1,2,3,4. to take and/or leave at home
6. Mobile phone (even if you do not intend to use while you are away you will need when you return and it is useful for emergencies and for your contact list)
7. Address book and contact list
8. Luggage, backpack and carry on
9. Notebook
10. Pens – there are lots of forms to fill out and postcards to write.
11. Vaccination certificates *
12. International driver’s licence *
13. Credit and ATM cards, multi-currency cash passport, foreign cash
14. International phone SIM card *
15. Membership cards, business cards, telephone access numbers